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Pitaia Rio is a sustainable beachwear brand. The pieces are made of ecological fabrics, prioritizing timeless models with an unique design.

In order to ensure the commitment with the planet preservation, all of the pieces are made by the only biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world. All clothes made with this innovative technology, quickly decompose after being properly disposed of in

Our technological fabrics guarantee less environmental impact and our company policies reinforce that commitment.
Finally, all collections are inspired by a local outdoor pieces and prints are designed according to the Brazilian culture community.


Nádia Gimenes

Passionate about crafts since she was a little girl, Nádia Gimenes decided, in 2008, to create her own accessories brand . Each collection tells a different story, often inspired by paradisiacal settings, art, nature and historical references.​


The creations are all developed by the designer, from the sketch to the choice of materials. The strongest point of the brand are the accessories worked in resin, with exclusive and innovative shapes.

Emi Beachwear

EMI is a sustainable Brazilian brand, created with the intention of showing a harmonious relationship between fashion and the environment.

Our exclusive handmade prints bring out the best of beachwear for women who desire to enjoy sunny days without harming nature.
EMI relies on innovation and exclusive technology to find the perfect harmony between fashion and respecting our environment.


All of our products, composed of natural and biodegradable synthetic fibers, are locally sourced from Brazil.


The production process involves reutilizing treated water, where all chemicals have been removed, and returning the same in its purest form back to where it came from.



With an incredible design, Archai came with the proposal to create unique handmade glasses, using a sustainable acetate and taking advantage of the most that raw material has to offer.

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Tata Knitwear was born in 2020 from the desire to rescue the essence of the art of knitting, weaving comfort and well-being, offering essential pieces to the wardrobe of women in harmony with their truth and who value their well-being.


Our knits are woven with great care
and affection, in special yarns and with comfortable modeling, many of them in sustainable
yarns and hand embroidered, to be used at anytime of the day and at anytime of the year.

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